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Machine Learning in the News

Stay up-to-date with what is happening in the technology space, QRC, and other News Articles. Finding your dream job, valuing your car or figuring out your salary – Machine Learning can do it all and some for you.

Student Profile: Ollie

Wondering why our students love the Machine Learning course? Read More>>

An interest in gaming, apps, coding and all things tech led Ollie to choosing the short course.

Detecting sarcasm with machine learning

Introducing our Machine Learning tutor and understanding what his PhD is all about. Read More>>

Cyber bullying in New Zealand is at an all time high, Pradeesh wants to explore whether computers can detect sarcasm to help prevent bullying.

Data Prep’ for Machine Learning

The top ways to filter, normalise, augment and aggregate data. Read more>>

Making sure to have clean and useful data is a fundamental and critical part of deriving insight and value from data. Great predictions and decisions come much more easily when the data are in a usable state.

Machine Learning Queenstown

Creating Queenstown “Techtown”

‘‘This is the first strategic plan for the tech sector in this region’’ Read More>>

As Queenstown diversifies there is a growing demand for tech experts within New Zealand and abroad. Building talent pool within the region and opening up new opportunities for Queenstown.

Queenstown NZ's Home of Adventure

Data-Related Roles Exploratory Analysis

Discussing the job market for data professionals. Read More>>

The job market for these roles is growing and exciting! There are a lot of opportunities and positions for everything data-related.

Study machine Learning

What’s Your Worth? Machine Learning Answers

How much money should you ask for in a job interview? Read More>>

Every time I applied to jobs, inevitably, I got asked the awkward question about salary. “What salary are you expecting?”.

A milestone in the diversification of Queenstown

Graduates will be in demand, doing great work with attractive salaries. Read More>>

The introduction of the Machine Learning Certificate is a short 16-week course, allowing students to get into the technology industry.

Machine Learning

My Top 10 Favourite Machine Learning Algorithms

How would one know what to focus on when learning? Read More>>

Machine learning is a growing field with so many exciting and new algorithms and models. The industry is booming and data analytics skills are in hot demand.

Linear Regression: How Much Is My Car Worth?

How could machine learning be useful for the average person? Read More>>

Machine learning does not have to be some mysterious and obscure topic. It can be valuable and practical for everyday use.


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