Fast Cars and Kardashians on Internship with Lee

ATM student Lee is currently on his 9-Month Fully Paid Internship with Intercontinental in Auckland. Lee’s taking his new role seriously while still having fun. He’s proof that just because you’re in high-end customer service doesn’t mean you can’t bring your authentic self to work.

What’s a day in the life of Lee on internship look like? 

As a porter, I’m the backbone of the hotel, making sure everything gets to where it needs to go whether that’s suitcases, deliveries or cars. When I’m not bouncing around the hotel doing whatever’s needed, I’m at our main entrance in the heart of the city, helping guests or even just having a yarn – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of pretty cool people, like Khloe Kardashian, Gareth Stewart & the Mayor of Auckland.

What was a highlight from your internship?

No doubt it has to be Valet parking. Some of these cars they let me drive are wild – G wagons, Jaguars, Porches. A personal favourite was driving this crazy Aston Martin. Man, you should’ve heard this engine, it was nuts. Parking it was an absolute mission though because I was NOT going be caught lacking & scratching that thing, probably would’ve bankrupted me.

How did the internship managers help you find your internship position?

Throughout my search, both Cass & Lizzie were absolute legends with helping me out, always giving me potential ideas and supporting me. At first, they weren’t so keen on my go with the flow mentality but eventually, they came around. Special shoutout to Cass cause she’s a wizard who’s perfected her craft. I had all but given up on Auckland when she landed me this sweet gig, so I got to put some respect on her name for hooking me up.

Any tips or advice for students preparing for internship?

I’m going to sound like a parent talking about high school, but seriously enjoy it while it lasts & take it as it comes. I know leaving everyone at QRC is daunting, but you’ll legit blink & hit 4 months working. Definitely put your head down and get to work, but make sure you use it to have fun and grow as a person too, so you can come back in style & rub it in everyone’s face. Bring back stories people will want to hear about, don’t be that person who comes back and chalks up internship as nothing more than a job. Also try not to stress about it. Time is like a rich dude with a Benz – it stops for no one.

What is one thing you have learnt on internship?

I’ve learnt how serious this hotel game gets. Rich people don’t play around with this stuff. The name “Intercontinental” holds a lot of weight to it, the level of luxury found in the hotel is like no other, so it can take a little bit to adapt to. Just things like changing my vocab from ‘No worries” to “My pleasure” or cutting my hair shorter than I usually do. A bunch of small things that all add to the luxury experience of the hotel. I seriously never knew how committed to a hotel chain some people are – it’s kind of like Rugby league for rich people. Intercontinental is definitely the Wahs of the hotel industry cause #ItsOurYear

What’s the best thing about living in Queenstown?

The best thing about living in QT is the night life. I’m a pretty social person so I love pregaming with everyone in the pool room upstairs. The constant flow of tourists means you never run out of funny town stories. Just make sure the photographer at Winnie’s doesn’t absolutely violate you with a candid photo not even your mother would hang on the fridge. With most places being free entry, there’s always tons of cool new people to meet as well as ducks to chase by the lake, so it’s always a good time… until you trip and take a bite out of the bottom stair of the QRC Lodge.
That’s not the only thing I love about it though, Queenstown is such a cool place to live. For anyone on the fence about QT & QRC let me tell you, you will genuinely have the sickest time. I would not trade my time in QT for anything. Don’t go down the UoA pipeline, the world has enough doc martin wearing arts majors.


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