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AI For Business

Stay ahead of the curve and learn how to harness the power of Al in your business.

Queenstown | 11th June | Half-day course

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, our in-person ‘Al for Business’ day course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Al), enhancing your business s productivity-
Our knowledgeable course facilitators use up-to-date real-world examples and practical demonstrations to help you discover how to use Al responsibly and understand the advantages and limitations of this new technology.
The course also teaches you how to leverage Generative Al to streamline your content creation, and how to prompt effectively using any Generative Al tool.

Course Facilitators

Pradeesh Parameswaran is QRC’s Machine Learning Tutor and Tech Ambassador. With a PHD in Computer Science from Otago University and a background as a business analyst and developer, Pradeesh uses his teaching and industry experience to make tech fun and accessible.

Ally Kettle is ORC’s Programme Development Manager.
Ally has ten years of experience in STEM and technology education, as well as a Masters of Education in Tech and Engineering and a Masters of Writing. Ally enjoys incorporating tangible and engaging real-world examples into all the tech programmes she develops.

  • This course is open to anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve
  • Business owners, management, employees and entrepreneurs

Your business may be eligible for funding for this course through the Regional Business Partners Network. Contact your local RBPN provider for details.

When will this course run?

  • This course will run in the main urban centres throughout the year. For upcoming dates in your region, please email tech@qrc.ac.nz

Course Details

Half Day (5 hours) | Industry Focus |

Course: AI For Business

Date: 11th June 2024

Time: 9am – 2pm

Location: QRC, Coronation Drive, Queenstown

Session 1: Introduction to Al
• Introduction to Al tools for business
• How Large Language Models (LLMs) work
• Responsible Al: Ethical considerations and understanding bias
• The advantages and limitations of using Al for business
Session 2: Incorporating Al in Business
• Using Al to enhance productivity
• Al for content creation and data analysis
• A practical introduction to prompting effectively
• Open Q & A session


2024 Dates & Fees

Email us to enquire about our 2024 dates in Queenstown, Southland, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington

*All fees are in NZD$
Half Day Course 9am-2pm | Introductory Special $390
Half Day Course 9am-2pm | Chamber of Commerce/DQ Member $350
2024 Dates available by enquiry
Queenstown | 11th June 2024
Southland | Contact us for dates
Auckland | Contact us for dates
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Christchurch | Contact us for dates

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Who is this course for?
  • It’s open to anyone who is eager to stay ahead of the curve and doesn’t want to miss out on the transformative potential and productivity gains that Generative AI offers individuals and businesses
  • Business Owners, Managers, Employees or anyone interested in learning about Generative AI
Do I need to have a technical background?
  • No prior technical or AI knowledge is required
  • Good basic English skills are recommended
What is the format of this course?
  • This course is 5 hours broken into two sessions with a short break between.
How long is this course?

5 hours.

Is this course online learning?

No, this is a practical in-person course.

What if I have questions?

There is time for a Q&A session at the end of the course and questions can be asked throughout the day.

How much does it cost?

We are currently running the course for an introductory price of $390.

Your business may be eligible for funding for this course through the Regional Business Partners Network. Contact your local RBPN provider for details.


If I love the course, do you offer additional learning on AI?

All participants of the half-day introductory programme will have the option to extend their knowledge and explore additional practical business applications and indepth prompting methods in a further full-day “Mastering AI for Business” workshop. This workshop will be scheduled at a later date.

QRC also offers a five-week NZQA approved micro-credential called “Leveraging AI”. This course is a hybrid course with a mix of two days in person and the rest of the course online.